Best View and Hike in the Smoky Mountains Part One

View from Clingman's Dome

View from Clingman’s Dome

Spiders spinning webs. Sybil spinning cover letters. It must be Fall.

Spider web in forest

Spiders in forest mist

Where’s this blogger been?

Writing (my book, not my blog). Hiking. Biking.

Cades Cove 2014 and other September photos 100Wrapping up writing gigs, searching for writing work disguised as a job with health benefits and writing blog posts for other professionals.

Back to hiking.

Last Saturday we tackled Clingman’s Dome.

Cades Cove 2014 and other September photos 128Stunning. Windy. Fun.

Cades Cove 2014 and other September photos 119Smoky Mountains festooned with fog, clouds as perfect as if posing center stage for a final bow, wildflowers out for a last waltz before frost.

Cades Cove 2014 and other September photos 159Enjoy the photos.

Cades Cove 2014 and other September photos 146At the end, please check out my curated list of websites with more info and pix. Fascinating stuff on the woolly adelgid, the cause of the spiked snags of naked Fraser fir tree trunks, other people’s photos and official park information.

Cades Cove 2014 and other September photos 137Please share the love with your comments and favorite hiking resources.

My list

One of my favorite photographers. Upon request she can provide aerial photos of the Smoky Mountains that are stunning:

Rachel Paul Photography

A book and more:

Great tips on hiking, a curated book list, blog focuses on the Smokies, Georgia, Florida, Alabama:

A robust, tourist-oriented site:

Official State Park site – Always check for weather alerts, road closures, seasonal closures and miscellaneous other events that might ruin a well-planned trip, like wild roves of juvenile male bears attacking random hikers (that was a joke). They travel alone, not in ‘roves.’ :

Some do’s and don’ts and research sites for people who find themselves easily snarled into a virtual vortex of cool things to know about the forest. It’s all about the bugs, not the pollution. It’s the woolly adelgids that kill Fraser firs.

Who knew? Don’t cart firewood from one place to another:

Because those bugs then go to new places:

Other Tennessee hiking areas hit by the woolly adelgid:

(Friends of Fall Creek Falls State Park)

(Friends of South Cumberland State Recreational Area)


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2 thoughts on “Best View and Hike in the Smoky Mountains Part One

  1. The pictures are beautiful, but so, too, is your prose. Cut lines are a poor relation to your word craft.

    Took me back to newsroom days. “Hey, Bunny. Can we run that photo a little larger? The story is going to run short.”


    • Yes, you’re right Ed. I’m ‘saving’ my words for the book. Or I’m expending my writing energy on the book. (And/or those pesky necessary cover letters.) I’ve thought about collating a book of cover letters because each cover letter, oh-so-tailored for a specific job, seems to be about a different person than the last one. I’d call it “Sybil,” oh wait, that’s been done. (And it was a hoax.) Back to the topic of photos and blogs – I follow a blogger, Kristin Lamb, and she’s had great success adding funny photos to her blog. She writes sci-fi. I hope you are well, thanks for writing and I’ll keep tapping the keys over here in K-town.


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