Found Art

My family and social media followers want to know where we are, what we’re doing and where we’re going. We’ll let you know when we arrive. Most days, contentment sneaks up on me while I snap photos and wonder when I’ll ever have this kind of free time again. Before we left Santa Rosa Beach we discovered the Bayou Arts Center ‘north of 98,’ as the locals say. You could say art found us.


Found Art Detail Driftwood black and white Black and White art from 30A Songwriters Festival Found Art Bayou Arts Center Found Art Detail

Path to St. Francis Chapel. I’m sure there are snakes. But I’m curious.

Path to the garden Bayou Arts Center South Walton Beach Santa Rosa Beach

St. Francis Fishermen's Chapel Exterior View with Pines St. Francis Fishermen's Chapel Front Santa Rosa Beach Florida June 2014_2Prayers at the altar of shells and candles.

Fishermen's chapel altar 2014 Walton County enhanced horizontal over enhanced cropped again

Wildlife Refuge and Pet Cemetery, discovered. Pet Cemetery and Wildlife Refuge Santa Rosa Beach Pet Cemetery

A note and a prayer.


Saint Francis sign Walton County 2014

Lord My Boat St. Francis Chapel

Toward the beginning of June, right after graduation, we try to find a place to stay in Santa Rosa Beach after the condo buy falls through. Through a local who knows a guy, we talk to the guy in Germany who lives in Atlanta who agrees to rent us his place at a reasonable long-term rental price. Night of the living moth balls. In a misguided attempt to ward off mildew, the owner has inserted moth balls into the HVAC units and left the place closed up for three months. Nothing we do removes or airs out the smell. We admit defeat and drive to a Best Western in Defuniak Springs. Highlights of Defuniak Springs include the state’s oldest still operational library and a perfectly round lake.

Oldest library in Florida

Oldest library in Florida

Brief History.

Perfectly Round Lake.

That Monday, we say good-bye for now to Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, pack what’s not in storage in Atlanta into the car and head for new adventure in Key West.



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