Beach Freeze

Low of 19 degrees, Florida 2014

Where’s the ski slope?

SEAGROVE BEACH, Florida – Tomorrow the high here is expected to be 59 degrees, Friday 68 with clouds. Yesterday the low dipped below 19.

The off-season’s great — no traffic, no sunburns, all locals and snowbirds. We’ve made friends with the Sundog Books folks, a great independent bookstore, and we’ve touched base with a few snowbirds from Nashville. Now it’s back to studying and writing for me. While the weather’s been cold, I’ve been working on my thesis. Which is why this blog is about to change tone. You can expect quick updates and a few photos from now until June.

If you plan to visit the area, the upcoming 30-A Songwriters’ Festival promises fun, music and partying. Please contact me if you need an article or photo about the event, which begins next week. (I’ll be writing and studying. Really hard.)

Enjoy these images we captured and please let me hear from you.

Fire on the Beach

Fire on the Beach

Dolphins visit for lunch

Dolphins visit for lunch


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